Hainan Lin Heng pharmaceutical company, founded in 1994, is a high-tech enterprises, who provided service of product development, production and sales of pharmaceutical products. In 1998 the company built GMP stander pharmaceutical factory; in 2014 passed national new GMP certification. On January 14th, 2016 , the company has successfully going on The New OTC Market ((new three board)) by Agency Share Transfer System of Small and Medium Enterprise Board., listed shares referred to as "Lin Heng pharmacy", stock code "835509".

Lin Heng pharmaceutical company is keeping "based on the local, into the inland, expand overseas" principle, market demand as the core, science and technology innovation as the guide, pay attention to talent introduction and training. We have set up offices or branches over major provinces and cities in the country , we have a professional sales team, effective market information, and target for expand sales. At the same time, Relying on Beijing, Shanghai advanced clinical and medical research technology, set up scientific research institution, strengthening research work , improve the scientific research ability, provides a solid backing for the production and sales of the drug.

Lin Heng pharmaceutical company is keeping on “Prestige Supreme sincere Assurance” philosophy, focusing on people-oriented. The company is aims in creating economic benefits at the same time, continuously to create good social benefits, rescue trapped, offer loves. Trying to walk out of a road to success, with the characteristic of "Lin Heng" by the splendid achievement and proud to show the development of China's national pharmaceutical enterprises and take off.

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